Some weeks ago on a beautifull autumn day a friend and I went to Wissembourg, a small picturesque town in the Alsace region of France, close to the German-French border. We took a stroll through the sun-lit streets and settled down for lunch at a bistro.

On the menu were Flammkuchen which were prepared in a wood-fired oven in the backyard. (sorry, no pictures) One of the interesting things when being in a foreign country is to shop for food and ingredients you can`t get at home. So after a brief shopping frenzy I found myself in possession of these

and these

gadgets. I bought the financiers (clear plastic box in first picture), because I had read about them in Dorie Greenspans blog. They were quite nice, considering their supermarket-shelf origin. Maybe I will make these myself someday. The sausage in the foreground is chorizo, which is difficult to come by in my part of the woods. They were eaten with some braised kale but tasted a bit bland. Cocoa powder went into last posts Guinness Cupcakes. The galets d`hiver ("winter cookies" if my rusty French serves me right) are in the pantry, still unopened. Also the ramekins are awaiting their first service, but first I need to go and buy a blow-torch. (Yes, creme brulee. You got that right. :)) The anis seeds and the chestnut-honey will take center stage on this humble blog before the year is out. The other spices were bought for sheer curiosity without any definite plans to use them. (Okay, okay I know what to do with vanilla beans and have some vague idea for Tandoori and Masala, but Ras-el-hanout and Quatre Epice leave me a bit baffled. This may require some cookbook study.) And finally the white box with the barely readable print. It says Rebert. Like Daniel Rebert. We went to his patisserie for coffee and some delicious tartelets. The box contains (or rather did contain) some macarons. Again, apologies for not taking pictures. I made this trip when I was still toying with the idea of starting a food blog / joining the Daring Bakers but wasn`t sure if I would actually do it. I took the camera with me just to give it a spin, but obviously I hadn`t arrived yet in the proper foodie mind-set.

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Audrey said...

Hi, Andreas: thanks so much for visiting! What lovely pictures! I've spent some time in Geneva and France but not in Alsace yet...hope to go sometime. Merry Christmas to you, too!