Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes

As a student I spent one semester at University College Dublin, where I certainly learned to like my stout. So when I stumbled upon this recipe. from Marlena aka. the Repressed Pastry Chef my left hand hit Ctrl-D by reflex. ;) So last weekend after posting the November Challenge I decided to try this muffins as a treat. The dough is pretty straightforward to make. It uses the dry-wet-dry method practiced by all Daring Bakers for the November Challenge. Into the doug went some organic cocoa powder , which gave the muffins a nice strong chocolaty taste with (I think ;) ) some subtle undertones from the stout. The muffins rose very beautifully while baking in the oven. They will keep for several days, if you can restrain yourself that is.

P.S. To all the commenters (Thanks to all of you), who are interested in the peanut-caramel biscotti. Please bear with me, but I will probably only be able to make these in the last days before Christmas. So stay tuned.

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Em said...

I'm glad these worked out for you!!