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Hibiscus Granita

As you can see from the (oh, so not up-to-date) link list on the right, I frequently read the Alinea at Home blog by Carol Blymire. I even got me the Alinea book as a Christmas present for reading along, but haven't yet found much time to do so. (Something I really should work on. I mean, "pliable chocolate ganache"? (p.210) Sounds like "Lego" with some typing mistakes to me. :) ) In her latest post Carol presents the recipe "Tripod, hibiscus" and because it's so easy (f-ing easy, to be more precise; not my choice of words ;) ) she asked her readers to give it a try and come up with their own version.

So, here goes. The recipe basically consists of a strong infusion of dried hibiscus flowers, frozen into (I presume hollow) spheres, which are put onto a wire stand or "tripod" for prettification. (Actually, the pictures of these tripods reminded me somehow of making horses from chestnusts as a kid. To illustrate what I'm trying to say, some random Google hit.) Sounds easy enough, right? Since I had recently made a granita for the Daring Bakers (technique from The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz) , I quartered the original recipe, poured the infusion in a shallow plastic tray and whisked around the edges with a fork every half hour for the rest of the evening to loosen the ice crystals.

I found Carols description of hibiscus taste very fitting. It has a "bounty of summer" fruityness but also a lemony acidity. Today, there was already a little spring in the air, so this little espresso cup of granita was the perfect lunch dessert.

Hibiscus infusion
Source: Alinea Cookbook, p. 215

500 ml water
50 g sugar
1 g salt
40 g dried hibiscus flowers

- Bring water, sugar and salt to a boil over medium heat. Switch off heat.
- Add flowers. Stir. Let cool to room temperature. (about 30 min)
- Strain mixture.

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