BBD 17 - Reloaded

(Still) Rustic Potatoe Bread

I was a bit disappointed with the qualities of the potatoe bread which I made for Bread Baking Day 17. But as the kind commenters pointed out, making bread requires perseverance and a bit of trial and error. So I ordered some flour from the Adlermühle in Balingen to give it another go. As Bread Baking Day 18 is already on the radar, I decided last Friday evening to act quickly and made another half batch of the rustic potatoe bread. In addition to using a new brand of flour, I placed the bowl with the dough for the second rise on the (turned way down) radiator in the living room which really seemed to kick the yeast into action. I think I might have splashed the oven a bit more generously with water too. This time I think this bread was a success and a step in the right direction.

(Btw. that's a "genuine" picture up there. I tried to let Photoshop do some auto-magic, but the crust would look totally charred.)


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Oh dear I think you have been taken in by the yeastie beasties. They are such fun when they play well as it seems they did with you on this baking. So rewarding when it happens. Seems you have found ways to change their playground - warmer by the radiator. I have a friend that puts her bread to rise on her hot water heater. I once put mine into a warm just emptied dish washer.
The crust looks beautiful in your photo.

Elle said...

That looks like a wonderful loaf! Great crust and very nice crumb, too. Bet it tasted fabulous. Another blogger bitten by the bread baking bug! Yay!!

ostwestwind said...

Das Mehl von der Adlermühle ist gut, nicht wahr?

Andreas said...

Ja, es ist toll. Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass es zwischen Mehlen in einer Typenklasse (sagt man das so?) solche Unterschiede gibt.

zorra said...

Schön, dass du nicht aufgibst. Uebung macht den Meister.