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Maple Pecan Ice Cream

I first made home-made stock last fall, prompted by this post written by Lolo from VeganYumYum. Making stock is really simplicity itself. You take some veggies (Lolo sums it up best: "If it's clean and fits in the pot, it can go in."), put these in the largest pot you have, fill up with water. Simmer for two hours with closed or slightly ajar lid, simmer one hour more without a lid for reduction. Strain. Let cool. Freeze in portions convenient to your use. If you haven't, do give it a try.
The first batch had been used up, so I planned on making some more. I had also planned to take a picture of a water glas with straight sides filled with the beautifully coloured stock, streaked by some rays of sun light. But, alas, it was gray and rainy all weekend and the stock went into the freezer without a photo session.

To make up for the lost picture, I decided to make some ice cream as a treat. I had found a recipe for maple pecan ice cream, which Clotilde of Chocolate & Zuchini had blogged about only some days ago. This ice cream fits perfectly in early spring. The nuts and the caramel of the maple syrup give it a wintery taste, and the zing of the creme fraiche reminds you of sunny spring days, when there is still some crisp coolness in the air.

This weekend also featured the start of a new website for the Daring Bakers. There are shiny new forums and functions to play around with, new logos (you can see one of a whole bunch on the right side panel) and very soon there will also be a group of Daring Cooks tackling Challenges on the stovetop. So if this sounds enticing to you, and/or you have been lurking around some DB blogs pondering to join (and Sitemeter tells me there are such people ;) ) head on over to http://www.thedaringkitchen.com/ and join the fun.

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Elle said...

Have not made stock for a long time, but you remind us of how easy it is...and nice to have around.
The ice cream looks wonderful! Maple and pecan always go so well together.
Let's hope that lots of folks will visit the new DB site and have fun!