Pasta with Coconut and Spinach

Pasta with Coconut and Spinach

I'm trying to build up a new repertoire of fast week night dishes (as you may have guessed from some of the recent posts ;) ), to get away from to much spaghetti carbonara and vegetable-mie noodle-soy sauce-stir fries. Here's the latest candidate. This recipe is nicely spicy (ginger & curry), fast to make (frozen spinach saves time and the use of an extra skillet) and has definitely earned itself a position on the heavy-rotation schedule.

I'm sending this over to Ivonne's Magazine Mondays.

Pasta with Coconut and Spinach

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1 clove garlic
20 g fresh ginger
1 red chili pod
400ml unsweetend coconut milk
pinch of cinnamon
1-2 tsp curry powder
300g fresh spinach *
200 g dry pasta **
2 Tblsp butter

* I used 200 g frozen spinach, which I had bought as backup supply for the lasagna challenge.
If you use frozen spinach make sure to drain it well.

** The recipe recommends spaghetti. I used gnochi, which look a bit like a cupped hand.


- Remove seeds from chili pod. Mince chili, garlic and ginger. In a fairly large pot (so you can add the cooked pasta later on) add minced ingredients, coconut milk, cinnamon and curry and bring to a simmer.
- Set up a pot of water for the pasta. Rinse the spinach and cut off the root ends. Cook the pasta as per package instructions.
- In a skillet melt the butter and add the spinach. Cook until wilted. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Let drain and add to the coconut sauce. * Drain pasta and also add to coconut sauce. Toss to combine and serve.
* I added the frozen spinach directly into the sauce.


creampuff said...

Pasta and coconut in the same plate ... that's HEAVEN!!!

Laurie Hawel said...

That is soooo pretty. I would eat that very happily. Did you add hot pepper flakes over the top?

Andreas said...

I didn't, but that's a nice suggestion for next time around.