Chicken-Rhubarb Curry

Chicken-Rhubarb Curry

At the start of rhubarb season I read somewhere (maybe in an article at TheKitchn, but I'm not sure) that rhubarb is actually a vegetable and not a fruit as its common usage in cakes and desserts may suggest. I looked for some recipe beyond cobblers and fruit jam but couldn't find any. Even Deborah Madison in her Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone (which I had banked on as a last straw) doesn't venture into savoury rhubarb dishes.
Rike from Genial lecker seems to have had the same problem, so she just invented her own recipe. She used a sachet of curry spice mixture and I would have done the same, but I had run out on those so I used some individual spices instead. The final dish has a fruity-acidic taste and is a nice change from hot and spicy curries. (not that I wouldn't like hot and spicy, but you know just for kicks) Serve with basmati rice.

Rhubarb Curry

Source: Hähnchen-Rhabarber-Curry at Genial lecker


500 g chicken breast
2 bunches spring onions
3 stalks rhubarb
1 mild chili
1 onion
1/4 inch slice ginger
pinch of cummin
olive oil
curry powder
salt, pepper and honey to taste


Slice the chicken breast. Cut off root end from rhubarb and peel, then cut into 1/2 inch pieces. Chop onion, spring onion and chili. Peel and grate or mince ginger.

In a wok or sauté pan, heat the olive oil and fry the chicken breast. Add rhubarb, onion,spring onion and chili. Add cumin and curry and simmer until rhubarb becomes tender. Add salt, pepper (go easy on those) and honey to taste.


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Most adventuresome recipe Andrea. Tomorrow I must look to see if any of my books have any savory rhubarb recipes ;) I always love that challenge.
It is odd that it's a veggie and we use it in desserts as if it was more a fruit.

MeetaK said...

chicken and rhubarb - now that is a combination i would not have come up with. but it looks like it's working. great!

Lisa Michelle said...

HELLO, that looks amazing! Curry me up a plate, will ya? :)