Chanterelle Carbonara

Chanterelle Carbonara

Mushrooms are getting into season and this seemed like an interesting variation of a classic. The chanterelle and the bacon go together very well, neither being too dominant. I was a bit sceptical about the use of cream in a carbonara, but as this recipe was from "essen & trinken", the grande dame of German food magazines just went ahead with it. Unfortunately, the cream made the pasta a bit gloppy. Next time I will know better. ;)

Spaghetti with chanterelle carbonara

Source: essen & trinken 8/09

Serves 2


1 onion
50 g bacon or pancetta
1/2 bunch parsley
200 g chanterelle
150 ml cream
2 eggs
salt, pepper
20 g grated parmesan
200 g spaghetti
3 Tbsp oil
8 basil leaves *

* Omitted.


- Dice onion and bacon. Mince parsley. Briefly rinse the chanterelle in a bowl of water. Drain in a colander and put on a kitchen paper towel to dry. Whisk together cream, eggs, pepper, parmesan and parsley.

- Cook the pasta according to instructions on the box.

- Heat the oil in a pan. Fry the chanterelle on high heat. Add onion and bacon, continue to fry. Add salt and pepper to taste.

- Drain the pasta while retaining 50 ml of the pasta water. In the pasta pot bring together pasta, chanterelle and egg mixture and mix well. Heat gently until the eggs just start to set. Serve with black pepper and basil leaves on top.


Wandering Coyote said...

Thanks again for participating! My post with the link will be up early Monday morning (my time).

This dish looks so mouthwatering!

mimicooks said...

Wow. Your pasta dishes keep getting better and better!! Yum!