Cold Tomato Sauce

Cold Tomato Sauce

While the heat of summer is still on and ripe tomatoes are available everywhere I tried this recipe for a cold tomato sauce. It requires almost zero work and makes for a refreshing, summery dish, a bit like a warm potato salad.

Cold Tomato Sauce

Source: Kalte Tomatensauce by Anikó from Paprika meets Kardamon

Original Source: Essen & Trinken Für jeden Tag – 365 Rezepte Täglich köstlich kochen, S. 300

Serves 4.


400 g pasta (preferably spaghetti)
500 g ripe tomatoes
1 red onion
8 Tbsp olive oil *
2 Tbsp ajvar
salt, pepper
1 bunch basil
parmesan cheese

* For me, 4 Tbsp are plenty.


While you cook the pasta according to the instructions on the package:

Wash and quite literally grate the tomatoes into a bowl using the most coarse side of a box grater. (This is really as easy as it sounds. Hold the tomato with the top side (where it attaches to the vine) facing your fingers. The skin of the tomato will protect your fingers from the grater. There's a picture of the final state of the onion tomato at the link given above.)

Dice the onion and mix onion, olive oil and ajvar into the tomato "puree". Season with salt and pepper. Mince the basil and mix into the sauce.

Drain pasta and toss with the sauce to combine. Sprinkle with some parmesan.


Elle said...

I'll bet this taste like the essence of summer! Sounds pretty easy, too, which is crucial right now...too much going on!

mimicooks said...

We finally got our hot weather here after a foggy summer. This pasta sounds like it would be a real treat now!