Washoku Warriors

Cooked white rice (yeah, the thrill ;) ) and browned onions

The Washoku Warriors are a group of food bloggers who cook their way through the beautiful Washoku by Elisabeth Andoh. Rachael from La Fuji Mama , who is the mastermind behind this project, will select 1-2 recipes per month and all Warriors will send her a write-up about their experiences.
Last month's challenge (number 2 since the founding of the group) comprised Cooked White Rice (Gohan), Green Soybeans Served in the Pod (Edamame) and Pork and Wakame Dumplings (Wafu Gyoza).

As I joined just this week Rachael extended the option of just cooking one or two elements of the challenge. So I went for rice and edamame but the latter turned out to be impossible to find (but I found a small asian food store a short distance from where I live in the process :) ). In the spirit of using fresh, in-season ingredients I substituted them with some browned young onions (inspired by this post by Mark Bittman). This made for a tasty, if somewhat frugal dish. The rice had a bit to much of a bite but I guess as this project progresses, there will be plenty of opportunity to hone my rice cooking skills. I'm looking forward to the next challenge.


Fuji Mama said...

So glad to have you as part of our group! Love the idea to use onions, they look delish.

foodhoe said...

a lovely austere monastic repast!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

I'll look forward to your continued adventure. Plenty of people find rice a challenge, there's a learning curve for everything.

Elle said...

It should be fun to see how the warriors progress. Rice seems like it should be easy, but there are amazing difference among different types and amount of water used,etc. Great start Andreas!