Washoku Warriors - Vinegar

Tangy Seared Chicken

In their latest attempt at mastering Japanese cooking, the Washoku Warriors turned to vinegar as a key ingredient. No need to get your sushi matts out of the closet, yet. Sushi will get its own challenge sooner or later. The main dish was a tangy, seared chicken which is braised in rice vinegar, sugar and sake with some soy sauce added at the end. Not bad, but leeks (which were optional here) with soy sauce and rice are a frequent dish during winter in my kitchen.
Next there was an assortment of different sauces, relishes and the pickled red and white radishes on the picture below to choose from. The radishes are red on the outside and white on the inside at the start, but the red colour will leech into the vinegar and the whole radishes as time progresses.
I remember my grandparents having buttered bread with salted radishes and cucumbers as dinner during summer, so this was a new twist on an old favourite.

Red & White Radishes


Sarah said...

I tried lotus root instead of the radishes, but looking at yours I may have to try them too... How did they turn out?

Andreas said...

@Sarah: The radishes turned out rather nice. The vinegar balances the sharpness of the radishes. Not sure if the kombu is adding much to the overall flavour.