World Bread Day 09

Baguette / French Bread

world bread day 2009 - yes we bake.(last day of sumbission october 17)Zorra from 1x umrühren bitte has invited all bread bakers and breadophiles out there to World Bread Day-Yes we bake. The fourth installment of its kind to celebrate the joy of bread in the food blogosphere.
Because some of my latest adventures in bread making were uhm.. interesting but not as tasty as I'd hoped, I decided to go back to the classics and made a French bread following the recipe given in The Bread Bakers Apprentice. (a detailed walkthrough of the recipe can be found at apple pie, patis & paté)
The recipe was easy to follow and it resulted in great (well, for my standards) bread. It's just a pitty it doesn't keep very well, or rather at all but gets stale very quickly. And I need to get a new blade for the carpet cutter which I used for slashing the loaves. ;)


Elle said...

I never could restrain myself enough for there to be problems with baguette keeping for long...it always found its way to my tummy instead of the bread box. Your bread looks wonderful! Such a lovely crumb and just right thickness.

zorra said...

Ja, es ist wirklich schade, das Baguette so schnell hart wird. Aber es schmeckt ja sooo gut, dass man es sofort aufisst und keine Resten bleiben.

Vielen Dank für deine Teilnahme am World Bread Day 2009. Yes you baked! :-)