Green Tea Chocolate-Almond Clusters

Green Tea Chocolate-Almond Clusters

I made these as a dessert to bring along to an informal "roll'n'eat" sushi party. The taste of green tea and white chocolate are a nice combination, even if the colour tended a bit in the sickly-green direction instead of the Emerald-Isle pasture green I was hoping for. The clusters were a success with everyone after a bit of convincing ("What do you mean there is tea in the chocolate?").

Green Tea Chocolate-Almond Clusters

Source: Washoku by Elisabeth Andoh


- 3 ounces white chocolate
- 2 ounces sliced almonds
- 2 tsp matcha (green tea powder)


- Melt the cocolate on top of a water bath. When the chocolate has turned into a thin liquid, stir in the matcha. *
- Fold in the almonds. Form little mounts on a sheet of parchment paper and let cool. **

* The original recipe uses a separate bowl and a small amount of melted chocolate to first dissolve the matcha. In my experience this doesn't work, because the second bowl is cold and the chocolate becomes thick again without being able to take up much of the matcha.
** It is better to aim for small clusters here. From one batch I got about 10 clusters, maybe try to mangle about 13-15 clusters from that amount.

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Elle said...

I can see that the color would be a challenge...except maybe for Halloween...but they sound yummy anyway.