Washoku Warriors - Sushi


As with the macarons from the recent Daring Bakers Challenge, Sushi is the kind of recipe which was bound to come up at some stage of our combined effort of cooking through (most of) Washoku. Incidentally, the Daring Cooks are also experimenting with vinegared rice (and dragons ;) ) this month.

Sushi is a dish I feel confident about, having made them a number of times. However, the inside-out rolls (uramaki) turned out a bit messy and I still prefer the futomaki style.

(It's a bit like a banana. There's probably a good reason for the peel of a banana being on the outside and the flesh on the inside. And to really go off on a tangent, have you seen this video of how to Open a banana like a monkey ? It is SFW, but there are close-ups of boxer-shorts.)

I wanted to arrange the sushi in stacked rows (as in the photo) and then add a neat quarter-circle of soy sauce in the lower right corner, but uh.. reality is not bound to conform to our expectations. ;)


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Beautiful Sushi.
Like tapas, these are great little bites. I always love these.

mimicooks said...

Your sushi looks great! I'll have to remember that banana trick.