Washoku Warriors - New Year

Fiery Parsnips

For December the Washoku Warriors were given a choice of recipes which are typically prepared at or around New Year. I choose to make fiery parsnips (substituting root parsley for the parsnips, because the former was available from a local farmer at the green market), which are quickly fried in sesam oil and then subsequently braised in sake and soy sauce. It's really a quick and tasty dish, where the required cooling down to room temperature before eating takes up most of the time. I simply sliced the root parsley instead of cutting julienne strips because once halved and quartered the pointy end of the root would bend outwards into almost a "J" shape, making it impossible to slice lengthwise.

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Joanne said...

Sad but true fact - I've never had parsnips. This sounds delicious though. Perhaps this will be my first recipe to try them out in!