Chocolate Mousse Bombes

Chocolate Mousse Bombes

A recent birthday party provided an excuse to make these chocolate mousse bombes by Jen from use real butter. They consist of a chocolate shell filled with chocolate mousse, which is placed on a chocolate chiffon cake base. The shells are prepared by coating half-globe silicon molds with molten chocolate, then adding the mouse, some chilling (I put the shells in the fridge due to lack of space in the freezer) and finally flipping over. It's easiest to start the flipping over from two diametrically opposed points as this seems to distribute the mechanical stress on the shell most evenly.

In the original recipe some raspberries are placed into the mousse. I had some frozen ones at hand but found that the shells were to shallow to accomodate them. (I used 4 cm silicone molds and a 6 cm ring mold for cutting out the cake) The bombes turned out rich and chocolaty (well, how couldn't they :) ) and received favourable remarks.

I spread the chiffon dough on a baking sheet with parchment paper which worked all right. The cake on the next picture comes from the middle of the baking sheet (yielding a higher cake base than the one on the first picture, which was cut closer to the edge) and the shells are slightly cracked, so you get a sneak peak of the chocolate mousse.

Chocolate Mousse Bombes, cracked


Joanne said...

If you want to bring these to my birthday party. I wouldn't say no. In fact. I would be THRILLED.

They look delicious!

Elle said...

Gorgeous chocolate, and an exciting texture combination, too. I can just imagine the springy cake, soft mousse and crackle of chocoalte shell...mmmm.