Washoku Warriors - Comfort Food

Miso Ramen

During the cold time of the year everyone needs a little comfort and why not getting it from some lovely food. The Washoku Warriors could choose between (or decide to make both of) a miso-enriched noodle soup and beef burgers.

Originally, I had intended to make the burgers with some sandwich bread which Rachael had posted about, but due to some sudden re-scheduling of weekend activities, I went for the noodle soup instead.

To extend the comfort in comfort food to the preparation, I substituted two smallish winter leeks for the scallions, used mie noodles instead of ramen (because I had, or rather didn't) and some dried shitake mushrooms for the fresh ones. For the dried sardines, which I was totally unable to find (same goes for katsuo bushi), I used some bonito-flavoured seasoning.

The finished soup was light but still hearty in taste. Comfort was achieved. :)

Bonito Seasoning and
(according to the first two red characters in the lower left)


Joanne said...

Soup is definitely more comforting than burgers. At least to me. Looks delicious!

mimicooks said...

Wow, I haven't been over here in a little while. Nice looking food. I especially love the photo of the ramen, so pretty!!

Amber said...

Great idea to sub the leeks, I need to try the ramen now, I made the burgers this time, they were delicious too!