IHCCFor this week's pantry raid with Mark Bittman, I settled for yakisoba in order to use up some chai soba (soba noodles coloured with green tea; like matcha ice cream) and a glass of mung bean sprouts. As yakisoba is more of a concept than an actuall recipe it probably doesn't matter that I used soba noodles, which normally you don't. It's a tasty dish and great for cleaning out the pantry.


Inspiration: Yakisoba by Mark Bittman

200 g chai soba
200 g mung bean sprouts, drained
200 g chicken breast, evenly diced
1 bunch scallions, cut into 1 cm slices
peanut oil

For the sauce:

2 Tbsp apple vinegar
2 Tbsp mirin
2 tsp ajvar

Cook the soba or noodles of choice according to manufacturer's instructions and drain. In a small bowl, combine the sauce ingredients and set aside.
In a skillet, heat the oil and fry the chicken breast until their whole surface has turned white, stirring often. Add the scallions, stir-fry for 3-4 minutes. Add the bean sprouts, reduce heat to medium-low, cover and let cook for a few minutes. Add the noodles to the skillet and stir in.
Garnish the serving portions with the sauce.


Kim said...

Awesome choice! I have never seen the chai soba before, but as a devout noodle fan, I know that I would love them. Thanks for sharing your recipe with us:D

Debinhawaii said...

It looks delicious and good for you too. I love yakisoba--a perfect pantry raid pick. ;-)

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Oooo, I've got my bowl and fork ready! Gosh I didn't know I was so hungry right now.
Looks wonderful Andreas.

Couscous & Consciousness said...

Andreas, this looks wonderful. I love chai soba, so I need to give this a try. I had never heard of the ingredient you mention - ajvar - it sounds really interesting. Did you make your own, or are you able to buy it ready made?


Andreas said...

@Sue: The ajvar was store-bought, but it seems pretty easy to make it yourself:


natalia said...

Ciao ! this is a simple yet great recipe !!

Tiff said...

This is such a great choice! It looks super yummy!

Joanne said...

I'm inclined to think that specific noodles don't matter so much as specific flavoring. This looks like a great dish!