Sauteed Fennel

Sauteed Fennel

I finally got around to trying fennel (I think, I already bought some bulbs last year but they whithered away in the fridge). The fine aniseed note and the feathery tips give it the taste and look of a spring cabbage. Might go well with duck.

Sauteed Fennel

Adapted from The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters


2-3 bulbs of fennel
olive oil
salt, pepper
lemon juice


Trim the fennel bulbs and cut into thin slices, reserving the leafy tips for garnish. Heat the oil in a skillet and let the fennel take some colour for a couple of minutes before you start stirring. Cook until tender and add salt, pepper and a splash of lemon juice.

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George said...

I tried fennel several times, but it never really convinced me.